Monday, 24 December 2018

A16 - Charity event in Nea Karya, Greece

Charity event in Nea Karya, Greece (2018)
On Christmas Eve (24/12/2018), pupils and teachers once again gave sang the Christmas carol in the village and collect money for the charity event of the project. We warmly thank all the inhabitants of the village who have responded with joy and strengthened the whole effort of the students and our little pupils who preferred to spend their free time for this charity event!

A16 - Charity event in Vallbacksskolan, Gävle, Sweden

Charity event in Vallbacksskolan, Gävle, Sweden
Every year in May we organize a charity event during one day called Vallbacksdagen. The students plan different activities and raise money for different charity groups every year. In 2018 we sent the money to SOS Children´s Villages


Proactiva Open Arms is a non-governmental organization from Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) whose main mission is to rescue refugees from the sea that arrive in Europe fleeing wars, persecution or poverty. Born from a rescue and first aid at sea company with extensive experience in the Spanish coasts. During the third term, the NGO visited us at the center to tell us more about their work in the Mediterranean, helping immigrants and refugees of different origins.
So, sixth grade students decided that the best way to help the NGO was to raise donations. First they created different sheets and bookmarks and on the last day of the course, during the party offered by the AMPA, they offered them to families and managed to collect money that was donated to Proactiva Open Arms.

A2-SCHOOL PROJECT CORNERS - Here you can see our school project corners

Elde College, Schijndel, the Netherlands

Rosa Oriol Anguera Primary school

Nea Karya Primary School, Greece

Sunday, 23 December 2018


Here you can see the Emotional Intelligence activities carried out in our schools.
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(Date: 17/5/2018) - During the mobility in Greece Activity of emotional intelligence
 Children were divided into 4 groups representing 4 islands. These islands want or refuse to receive refugees (the instructions were given secretly once the groups were made). Other children represented the refugees and had to look for the island they believed would welcome them, but not all would do it. The children have explained their feelings about being welcomed or refused to enter the island they had chosen.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Nea Karya Primary School - Parents' meeting

Nea Karya Primary School, Greece: After the 2nd trasnational mobility we had the parents’ meeting in order to disseminate to them the outcomes of the mobility and plan together the work process of the second year. 
Here is the ppt that we made for this meeting:

Wednesday, 10 October 2018


From the 3rd until the 5th of October, our coordinators and headteachers are in Schijndel (The Netherlands) to evaluate the first year of the project and to plan the next school year's activities.