Friday 17 May 2019



The NGO Proactiva Open Arms has visited us at Rosa Oriol Anguera primary school. We collaborate with them in their School's Awareness Program.

Proactiva Open Arms is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whosemain mission is to rescue refugees from the sea that arrive to Europe fleeing wars, persecution or poverty. Born from a rescue and first aid at sea company with extensive experience in the Spanish coasts.

We specialize in surveillance and rescue missions of boats carrying people who need help in the Aegean and Central Mediterranean sea, as well asraising awareness of all the injustices that are happening which have been untold.

Rubén, a volunteer who works at the NGO for more than a year and has participated in 7 maritime rescues, explained us the work they develop and made us reflect on the historical and current migratory movements. 

Here you have the link of a video where you can see some photos from one of their visits:.


On the fourth day of our mobility, Proactiva Open Arms, an NGO that helps migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean, came to school to explain our partners and students their actions to help these. After the speech, our students and their partners created some pins and bookmarks that they sold in a charity event done in the afternoon, where they also sold cakes that hosting families prepared. 
We gathered 204 euros that we donated the next day to Proactiva Open Arms. Thanks to the families for their help and all of those who came to our charity event and collaborated 
with us!

Saturday 6 April 2019


On the first day, students from all participant countries have enjoyed a welcome party where some Swedish students performed a Santa Lucia concert, which usually takes place in Christmas, so the rest of the countries could see a Swedish tradition. We were also offered glögge and ginger cookies.
After that, students were split in three international groups and they attended different activities:
  • Swedish lesson
  • Swedish traditions
  • A tour around the school
After lunch, one of the English teachers prepared an activity with year 8 students around the city of Gävle. It consisted on a tour to different stations where pupils from other countries were asked to find out some things about the city. The activity took almost three hours and it was kind of an adventure!

Monday 24 December 2018

A16 - Charity event in Nea Karya, Greece

Charity event in Nea Karya, Greece (2018)
On Christmas Eve (24/12/2018), pupils and teachers once again gave sang the Christmas carol in the village and collect money for the charity event of the project. We warmly thank all the inhabitants of the village who have responded with joy and strengthened the whole effort of the students and our little pupils who preferred to spend their free time for this charity event!