Thursday, 31 May 2018

Nea Karya Primary school of Greece

We did the activity “I’m world Heritage” of emotional intelligence (A20). At first students filled in a worksheet with 10 reasons for which they are considered to be unique, special and valuable and read it to the whole class. Then they made a list of everything they like about their classmates including the reasons why they find those features so important and announced it to the class. Finally they were awarded with the “Prize of Emotional Heritage of Humanity”.

Nea Karya Primary School

Another one local Greek newspaper disseminated the mobility to Greece form the point of view of people that participated in it (families that hosted students, the principal of the Greek school, the coordinator of the Greek school and the coordinator of the project). 

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Rosa Oriol Anguera primary school

This week, local newspaper in Lliçà d'Amunt has published an article about our mobilities to Finland and The Netherlands. Here you have a picture of the Newspaper.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Rosa Oriol Anguera primary school collaborated with NGO Proactiva Open Arms

Today, as part of the activities of our Erasmus + project "On the Road of Exile", the NGO Proactiva Open Arms has visited us at Rosa Oriol Anguera primary school.

Proactiva Open Arms is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose main mission is to rescue refugees from the sea that arrive to Europe fleeing wars, persecution or poverty. Born from a rescue and first aid at sea company with extensive experience in the Spanish coasts.

We specialize in surveillance and rescue missions of boats carrying people who need help in the Aegean and Central Mediterranean sea, as well as raising awareness of all the injustices that are happening which have been untold.

Rubén, a volunteer who works at the NGO for more than a year and has participated in 7 maritime rescues, explained us the work they develop and made us reflect on the historical and current migratory movements. 

Here you have a video where you can see some photos from this afternoon. If you want to know more about Proactive Open Arms, click on the following link.

The mobility to Greece in local Greek newspaper.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Activity - A9 UNHCR material - online game by the UNHCR "Against all Odds"

In Rosa Oriol Anguera primary school, we have been developing some UNHCR activities with the students. This time we show with you the first part of the activity about the online game by the UNHCR "Against all Odds", an internet-based game putting players through the experience of being a refugee. After the first contact with the game, students are told to play the game at home for a further knowledge of the experience and in a week we will continue speaking about how refugee might feel in their lives..

Friday, 18 May 2018


On the last day of mobility in Greece, the participating boys and girls went to school where we performed the last scheduled activities. The first of them was a collaborative story in which groups had to write in turns creating a refugee's trip.
In the following activity, students had to recognize the different types of immigrants or refugees from a series of examples given online for material created by UNHCR.

In the last of the activities, students evaluated the project and shared their opinion with others and then the certificates were given to students and teachers participating in the mobility. .
Our trip also came to an end that same day, so the boys and girls at Nea Karyan school said goodbye to us. It was a very emotional Farewell. We will be friends forever!

Thursday, 17 May 2018


The boys and girls who participate in the mobility in Greece of our Erasmus + Ka2 project "On the Road of Exile" have had a very intense day but also a lot of fun.

In the morning, we went to the Nea Karya school where we participated in various activities related to the project. In one we played the game Against All Odds by UNHCR, putting the player through the experience of fleeing a country and making a dangerous journey to safety.

In another activity, children were divided into 4 groups representing 4 islands. These islands want or refuse to receive refugees (the instructions were given secretly once the groups were made). Other children represented the refugees and had to look for the island they believed would welcome them, but not all would do it. The children have explained their feelings about being welcomed or refused to enter the island they had chosen.

In the last of the activities, children watched some videos about the Olympic refugee team of their past games in Rio. Then they had to create slogans who believed could represent them.

After the children of the Greek school we have offered a series of samples of dances and representations of traditional games. Catalan team danced "ball de bastons" where 5 children from the Nea Karya school also participated. The Finnish school has also taught us their traditional dance and we joined them!

The parents of the school prepared souvlakia for the party!

After lunch, we gathered together and we spent the afternoon playing beach games and swimming!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A13 - COLLABORATIVE SONG - mobility to Greece 3rd day

During the mobility to Greece students from all the partner schools worked on the collaborative song.


 The day was filled with activities related to the project and not only!!

We went to visit the major's office, where he spoke abouth is job in the town hall and how they collaborate with schools. After the school we visited the new secondary school in Chrysoupoli where we could even enjoy an exhibition that the students prepared and we also helped them by voting for our favourite maquette. Last visit was the Tracian Club where we could see old tradicional things from Eastern Thrace.

After the visits, we went to the theatre of Chrysoupoli where we reahearsed altogether for the common song (activity A13 - COLLABORATIVE SONG).

In the afternoon we had some free time, but in the afternoon we went again to the municipal theatre to enjoy the dissemination event where families, local authorities and educational authorities came to learn more about our project.

The Greek school prepared a wonderful event where students also sang for us some songs that speak about the time where Greeks were refugees. We ended by singing together and then enjoying a sirtaki danced by some students. 

Collaborative song

The invitation for the dissemination event

The poster for the dissemination event

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Another exciting and interesting day has came up to an end. Today we went to the school in Nea Karya to work together in different activities of the project. We split into international teams and we discussed, agreed and created many things together, it was great!
Students worked on the poetry activity (A10), on the activity A7 - MIGRATION VS REFUGEEISM and on the activity A8 - MY COUNTRY'S MIGRATION STORY.

Our teachers had the opportunity to go around Nea Karya to visit the church, the nursery and the kindergarden where everyone has welcomed us with great enthusiasm and open arms. 

Once the activities were finished, our students went back to their families and we went to Thassos Island with the rest of the partners of the project where we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon.

Once back to Chrysoupoli, we stayed with the Greek team in their preparation for tomorrow's dissemination event. Here it is the video. 

Monday, 14 May 2018


Today we have started the project activities with the other participating countries. In the morning we found ourselves in school and picked up a bus to go to the ruins of the ancient site of Philippi, a city named after its founder, Philippos II, father of Alexander the Great. Here we have done a series ofice-breaking activities get to know the rest of the project's companions. We have also done a project activity in which we had to learn to say a series of basic phrases in the different languages ​​of the project (A19).
Afterwards, we visited the site and the director of the Greek school explained to us the origins of the city and all the historical events in the area. Afterwards we stopped at Kavala, where we had a beautiful walk around the ancient city.
The last of today's activities was the visit to the primary school of Nea Karvali, where 22 refugee children from various countries such as Afghanistan and Syria are enrolled. The children have received us with great enthusiasm and we have been able to talk to them and know a little more about their situation. We have brought school supplies and toys from Lliçà. They thanked us for our visit with some typical local sweets called "Kourabiedes". It has been a very exciting day. Here you have a video where you can see what we have done.
In the afternoon the teavhers' meeting took place at Keramoti. 

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Mobility to Greece - arrival of the Spanish team

Τhe Spanish team arrived at Nea Karya on Friday afternoon. Students, teachers and parents were very excitined and welcomed in best way.

Greece 11th May

Friday, 11 May 2018

Lemin Koulukeskus

In Lemi comprehensive we spend a whole day on theme "Crossing the borders" on the 11th of May. We divided the upper grades pupils into mixed groups, crossing the borders of grades in the begining. Each group had to solve 10 different tasks during the day. The activities were about refugism and prejudices, the kids had to use their cultural competence, interaction and expression to pass the tasks. The programme was based on material UNHCR had developped together with Finninsh Scouts and International Orgganization for Migration (IOM).

Lemin Koulukeskus, Finnish school

UNICEF Walk is an event for schools combining sports, education and fundraising.

The idea is to find sponsors who donate to UNICEF according to the distance completed – so the further you walk, the more your sponsors donate!

Lemi comprehensive walked for Unicef on Friday, the 11th of May. All pupils participated the fundraising. Over 200 kids walked the route: the first graders did the round twice, the fastest nine-graders made 11 rounds. Lots of juice and water was needed because we had a wonderful sunny day, some kids even said it was too hot.

For each round you made you got a sticker to your “walking-passport”. Now it is the sponsors time to pay for the rounds. This year the money goes to Unicef project called the Schools for Africa.

Activity - A8 MY COUNTRY'S MIGRATION STORY - presendations

These are the presentations that all school created for the activity A8. During the mobility to Greece students will work in transnational teams on these ones.

S 8 from D K
Here you can see our activities

Programme of the mobility to Greece

Friday, 4 May 2018

Greek school - Activity A20 - SEL activities

Greek school worked on Activity A20 – Emotional Intelligence
We followed the instructions that we were given by the project coordinator. Students expressed many unique feelings!

Greek school – Activity A15 - collaboration with migrant organizations

We collaborated with the Institute of Educational Policy in Greece which is authorized to take care of the education and reception of the refugees who find an asylum to Greece and we arranged together a visit at the Department of Reception and Refugee Education (DIEP) of our region; that is located at Primary School of Nea Karvali. Students and teachers of Nea Karya Primary School visited the DIEP. The refugee children were delighted with pleasure. After the first acquaintance and after showing us their home country on the map and the way they managed to reach here, we exchanged gifts. The refugees gave us the drawings they had prepared for each one of us and we in turn offered them the school supplies we bought with the money we had collected with various charity events (Activity A16) as well as a collaborative drawing. Finally we all played together in trasnational teams and enjoyed the games that the teachers had prepared for us. We were given the chance to get to know the children who came as refugees in our country better, to learn their personal history and to realize that they have the same needs as we do ... love, affection, play ...


Escola Rosa Oriol - Activity - A13 collaborative song

Students from escola Rosa Oriol are preparing the collaborative song activity (A-13) for the next mobility in Greece, where the song will be sang collaboratively with the rest of the schools in a dissemination event.