Friday, 11 May 2018

Lemin Koulukeskus, Finnish school

UNICEF Walk is an event for schools combining sports, education and fundraising.

The idea is to find sponsors who donate to UNICEF according to the distance completed – so the further you walk, the more your sponsors donate!

Lemi comprehensive walked for Unicef on Friday, the 11th of May. All pupils participated the fundraising. Over 200 kids walked the route: the first graders did the round twice, the fastest nine-graders made 11 rounds. Lots of juice and water was needed because we had a wonderful sunny day, some kids even said it was too hot.

For each round you made you got a sticker to your “walking-passport”. Now it is the sponsors time to pay for the rounds. This year the money goes to Unicef project called the Schools for Africa.

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