Monday, 14 May 2018


Today we have started the project activities with the other participating countries. In the morning we found ourselves in school and picked up a bus to go to the ruins of the ancient site of Philippi, a city named after its founder, Philippos II, father of Alexander the Great. Here we have done a series ofice-breaking activities get to know the rest of the project's companions. We have also done a project activity in which we had to learn to say a series of basic phrases in the different languages ​​of the project (A19).
Afterwards, we visited the site and the director of the Greek school explained to us the origins of the city and all the historical events in the area. Afterwards we stopped at Kavala, where we had a beautiful walk around the ancient city.
The last of today's activities was the visit to the primary school of Nea Karvali, where 22 refugee children from various countries such as Afghanistan and Syria are enrolled. The children have received us with great enthusiasm and we have been able to talk to them and know a little more about their situation. We have brought school supplies and toys from Lliçà. They thanked us for our visit with some typical local sweets called "Kourabiedes". It has been a very exciting day. Here you have a video where you can see what we have done.
In the afternoon the teavhers' meeting took place at Keramoti. 

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