Wednesday, 16 May 2018


 The day was filled with activities related to the project and not only!!

We went to visit the major's office, where he spoke abouth is job in the town hall and how they collaborate with schools. After the school we visited the new secondary school in Chrysoupoli where we could even enjoy an exhibition that the students prepared and we also helped them by voting for our favourite maquette. Last visit was the Tracian Club where we could see old tradicional things from Eastern Thrace.

After the visits, we went to the theatre of Chrysoupoli where we reahearsed altogether for the common song (activity A13 - COLLABORATIVE SONG).

In the afternoon we had some free time, but in the afternoon we went again to the municipal theatre to enjoy the dissemination event where families, local authorities and educational authorities came to learn more about our project.

The Greek school prepared a wonderful event where students also sang for us some songs that speak about the time where Greeks were refugees. We ended by singing together and then enjoying a sirtaki danced by some students. 

Collaborative song

The invitation for the dissemination event

The poster for the dissemination event

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