Thursday, 17 May 2018


The boys and girls who participate in the mobility in Greece of our Erasmus + Ka2 project "On the Road of Exile" have had a very intense day but also a lot of fun.

In the morning, we went to the Nea Karya school where we participated in various activities related to the project. In one we played the game Against All Odds by UNHCR, putting the player through the experience of fleeing a country and making a dangerous journey to safety.

In another activity, children were divided into 4 groups representing 4 islands. These islands want or refuse to receive refugees (the instructions were given secretly once the groups were made). Other children represented the refugees and had to look for the island they believed would welcome them, but not all would do it. The children have explained their feelings about being welcomed or refused to enter the island they had chosen.

In the last of the activities, children watched some videos about the Olympic refugee team of their past games in Rio. Then they had to create slogans who believed could represent them.

After the children of the Greek school we have offered a series of samples of dances and representations of traditional games. Catalan team danced "ball de bastons" where 5 children from the Nea Karya school also participated. The Finnish school has also taught us their traditional dance and we joined them!

The parents of the school prepared souvlakia for the party!

After lunch, we gathered together and we spent the afternoon playing beach games and swimming!

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